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Update (July 27, 2011): Copies of the DVD have arrived in the US and UK. Please contact Bobby Maisnam ( in the US or Tekki Laish ( in the UK if you wish to buy a copy. Prices are $15 in the US and GBP 7 in the UK. Half of the cost of the DVD will go to help under-privileged Manipuri students. A trailer for the documentary is also available on YouTube.

Award winning movie by Oinam Doren / Courtesy : Mano Haobam

Original post (June 28, 2011):

Source/Courtesy: Mano Haobam :

SUPPORT RIGHT TO EDUCATION: INSPIRED BY A DOCUMENTARY MOVIE ( A SMALL ACT ) , This blog was created to assist a voluntary group (consisting of like-minded professionals and students round the world committed to help the brilliant yet financially challenged youths of Manipur to pursue their studies). It is a non-profit organization, and not affiliated to any political party, language or culture.

We,on behalf of a voluntary group , have created this blog to raise some funds for supporting underprivileged bright students , living in different parts of the state ( MANIPUR) . Recently we have decided to raise funds with some help from DOREN OINAM, director and producer of SONGS OF MASHANGVA ( a story which tells about GURU REWBEN , his love for music/folk songs and his struggle to find a place in the modern world-national and international award winning documentary movie ).


Half of the cost will help underprivileged bright students through us.

Cost per DVD:
INDIA @ Rs 299/-
US :$15/-
UK: GBP 7 /-
Other Places : Prices may vary

Any queries kindly mail us at helpakideducation[at]gmail[dot]com or mnrnjnhaobam[at]gmail[dot]com

GET YOUR COPY, please contact :
Manipur : Manoranjan Haobam { mnrnjnhaobam AT }
UK : Tekki Laish { tk.laish AT }
Pune : Vimol Kshetrimayum { kvimol AT }
Bangalore : Ringo Pebam { ringo.p AT }
Delhi : Sanjiv Thingnam Sanjeev { sanjeevthingnam AT }
Mumbai/ Hyderabad and the rest : Nelson Elangbam { elangbam AT }
US : Bobby Maisnam { bobby AT }

Thanks a lot!

Sincerely ,
#99/8, 1st Floor, Solomon House,
Papaih Layout, Murgesh Palya,
Bangalore – 560017
Pishum Makhong .

Kanglaonline Team would like to request our visitors to support the cause and buy the DVD.  Please visit for more details.

Posted: 2011-06-28


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