Cops claim Shekhar is a drug lord


IMPHAL July 20: In direct contradiction to the agitation and resentment over the arrest of V Shekhar who is claimed to be the president of Tamil Sangam and Moreh chamber of trade and commerce, the Narcotic Control Bureau regional unit Imphal superintendent has today claimed Shekhar to be a drug kingpin who is involved in numerous smuggling cases including smuggling of cocaine from across the international border.

The superintendent RK Ibungosana today informed this during a meeting with some media persons at his Imphal office, where another alleged associate of Shekhar identified as John Kennedy was also produced before the mediapersons.

He further disclosed that yesterday acting on a tip off from a reliable source, a team of the NCB detained the associate John Kennedy, 45, s/o Santhyagu of Moreh ward no. 3 from the Imphal airport.

Further according to the superintendent, John was returning from Chennai where he was attending a marriage and had himself disclosed that he had met with Shekhar during the wedding before his arrest. 

With reliable tip off against John, he has been detained by the Imphal unit of Narcotic Control Bureau for further questioning, he further stated.

The associate while speaking to the mediapersons further disclosed that he used to work under Shekhar for more than seven years, with his main duties being transportation of goods from Moreh to other places including through the international border. While adding that he used to reside in a rent house with another friend whom he identified as K Anand at Majorkhul, Thangal Bazar Imphal, he feigned ignorance of what the goods were.

He further informed that he was paid a sum of Rs 10,000 per month from Shekhar.

Further speaking to the mediapersons, he disclosed that his room partner Anand has a drug licence issued by drug inspector and medical director, Manipur.

John also disclosed to the mediapersons that Anand has a pharmacy at Moreh ward no 4.

Further elaborating on his association with Shekhar, John disclosed that he had left his company some four five months ago and had started to export Redwood and cheap Indian made sarees through one Myanmarese woman identified as Maumee of Tamu.

Meanwhile the superintendent RK Ibungosana further clarified that his team had organized a raid at the Majorkhul rent house of John after his own admission of working under Shekhar. He also informed that even though his team is suspicious of Anand’s connection with alleged kingpin Shekhar, he is at the moment absconding from his team.

He also informed that a fax message has been sent to assistant director NCB, Imphal who is on tour at Delhi requesting to assist on further handling of detainee John.


  1. sir ,
    i may request you without knowing the matter u can’t claim a person a drug lord . I request to delete this claim or you will face legal consequences.


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