Deplorable condition of NH-2 may prove fatal to travelers


By Ibochouba Maibam
IMPHAL, July 20: The presence of large potholes on the National Highway No. 2 (formerly known as NH-39) from Motbung to Mao is likely to cause fatal motor accidents apart from disrupting vehicular traffic along this highway.

As many as 30 potholes measuring about 5 feet in diameter and one foot in depth are found on this NH-2. Although heavy vehicles pass through these potholes easily, the medium and light vehicles are unable to get through such big potholes easily.

Speaking to IFP, the president of Senapati District Students’ Association, A Pfokrehrii Khkasi stated that various civil organizations including the SDSA have been demanding the improvement of NH-2 which serves as the lifeline for the whole state. However, the concerned department has failed to take up the works in time since 2007.

The condition of the NH-2 has only worsened during the monsoon season, he noted.

He further demanded the state government to improve the condition of the NH-2 in view of its great importance in the context of the state. The NH-39 has got its new name NH-2 but its condition has becomes only more deplorable day by day, the student leader asserted.

Sholomni, a resident of Karong Senapati, stated that the people living along the NH-2 are facing lots of problems due to the deplorable condition of the road. The concerned authority has totally neglected the development of this highway, she added.

She said humourously that the people have even thought of starting pisciculture in the large potholes on the highway as there are no big ponds in hill areas.

The school going children and other pedestrians are having a hard time plying on this road, added the lady.

Some of the drivers traveling on this NH-2 stated that the condition of the highway from Imphal to Mao has worsened severely during the monsoon and as a result they even face physical strains trying to control their vehicles.

The drivers also expressed apprehension of causing disruption to the vehicular traffic along this highway if the concerned authority does not take steps to repair the deplorable road.

It is high time for the concerned authorities to repair the deplorable NH-2 before any untoward incidents happen which could be fatal with the present situation of the highway.


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