Employees defer strike after assurance from government


IMPHAL, July 17: The proposed indefinite cease work strike of the joint co-ordinating committee comprising of various government employee’s bodies which was scheduled to be started from July 17 has been deferred till August 9.

The co-ordinating committee formed by JAC of All Manipur Trade Union Council (AMTUC) and All Manipur Government Employees Organisation (AMGEO); Manipur Secretariat Service Association (MASSA), Council of Teachers’ Association (COTA) and Manipur State Pensioners’ Union (MSPU) in a joint statement stated that its proposed strike was deferred owing to a written request from the government asking them to delay its agitation till August 31.

In the written statement received on July 15 the government also assured to look into the charter of demands of the employees, it said.

It said, subsequent to the written request a general body meeting was convened on July 16 wherein it acknowledged the response of the government. However the meet hesitated to fully concede to the request. After careful discussion it unanimously agreed to delay its strike for 23 days against the government’s request of 45 days, it added.

It further informed that the employees’ bodies will go ahead with its proposed indefinite cease work strike from July 10 if the government fails to meet its written assurance by July 9.


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