Extreme Wave clarifies on charges by Women Commission


    IMPHAL, July 14: Extreme Wave has clarified that it has no role in the site of Manipur Women Commission, which it had developed in 2009, being linked with other unwanted sites as pointed out by the commission’s member secretary Meghachandra Sharma few days back in the media. It added that the present situation is purely due to the negligence of the commission to periodically renew its web site.
    A top functionary of Extreme Wave stated that the company had developed the commission’s website but it validity expired on January 16, 2011 as a result of the commission’s failure to timely renew the site despite repeated requests from Extreme Wave. In fact, the commission could have used a six-month grace period enjoyed by all site owners to update their web site which it did not take advantage of. He clarified that at present Extreme Wave does not have any clue as to who owns the commission’s website now.
    He explained that the commission blaming it as a fault of the company had arise due to lack of technical knowledge on part of its members and suggested they should verify whether the Internet Protocol number of the site is the one given to them. Further, the chief functionary of the company expects to settle this issue in cordial manner as they also understand that the commission allegation was due to a misunderstanding, he added.
    Meanwhile, the company also announced that they had launched a web site for D.M College of Commerce today and any person can collect information of the said college at www.dmcc.edu.in.


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