Flood in state likely to aggravate soon as major rivers near danger levels


IMPHAL, July 22: Incessant rain since the past few days has flooded large parts of the state but an enlargement in the areas covered by flood water is likely to happen soon with IFCD officials confirming that water levels of all the major rivers in the state have reached warning levels.

An official report on the flooding scenario representing the whole state is still unavailable. However, according to reports gathered from spot enquiries and independent sources, many areas of Sugnu, Thoubal, Konthoujam and some localities in Imphal, including large chunks of cultivable lands, are already submerged in flood water even though the sky showed no sign of letting up.

The future is bleak for the farmers praying for divine intervention to save their crops as already many rivers are over-flowing while many are virtually on the verge of doing so anytime.

Official sources from IFC department stated that the Nambul River is flowing at 783.125 metre (a warning level) and nearing the flood level of 783.675 metre. The level of Imphal River is recorded at 785.800 metre at Minuthong Bridge inching closer to the flood level of 786.900 metre while the Lilong River was recorded at 780.350 metre against 790.350 metre flood level. The Iril River is flowing at 784.725 metre against the 786.000 metre flood level mark while the Thoubal River is stated closing in to the flood level mark of 780.250 metres at the present point of 778.915 metre. However no official record for Nambol and Manipur River, which have already out of control, is available with the department. 

After the Manipur River overflowed, over one thousand villagers in Sugnu assembly constituency have already been displaced and large areas of paddy fields there have been submerged. The flood affected villagers have started been evacuated from their homestead and currently taking shelter at relief camps opened at higher grounds. So far three relief camps have been opened at Chingtam community hall, Sugnu bazaar; Terahoubi market shed, Tangjeng Khunjao and Kongyam.

Over 5000 hectare of paddy field has reportedly been submerged by flood water at many areas in Khangabok assembly constituency. Reports further claimed that about 3000 hectare of paddy field at Kiyam Loukon area, 700 at Loukhongpat, 1000 at Tentha, Khangabok part III, 300 hectare at Sangaiyumpham were affected.

Villagers argued that the flood was man-made as it was apparently caused by unfinished retaining wall of the canal located there.

At the same time, a large part of cultivation area in the Konthoujam have been submerged as a canal running along the Nambol Khabi area breached leaving an opening of about 10 metre in length this morning. The affected area includes Nambol Thangtek and Hidaaksungba.

Works minister K. Ranjit, who is also the MLA from Sugnu, visited the affected villages along with SDO Kakching.

The minister further distributed relief materials and financial assistance for buying medicines at the relief camps. The relief material includes 70 bags of rice, pulses, salts, edible oil, potatoes etc.

The minister also assured the flood affected people that they will be provided with relief from the government and medical camps to prevent possible outbreak of disease common in the aftermath of flood.   

A tentative figures provided by the local volunteers who were engaged in organizing evacuation works and establishing relief camps said the overflowing water has submerged large area of the Sugnu and displaced about 1045 villagers from 196 households.

Elaborating on the the figures, it has been informed that about 122 people and 20 houses were affected in Khoubuk area, about 500 people and 83 houses in Tangjeng Khunjao, 240 people and 39 houses in Khongyam, 126 people and 43 houses in Sugnu ward number 1, 35 people and 7 houses in ward number 4, 5 and 22 people 4 houses in Sugnu ward number 2.

It has been reported that Tangjeng Khunjao area was the most affected after Khoubuk area where the road connectivity is reported to be cut off. Flood water has also spread as far as Wangoo and Chairel area.

Altogether 126 villagers are currently taking shelter at the Chingtam community hall but figures of other two relief camps were not available till the filing of the reports.

Villagers in some of the interior parts far from the relief camps were seen taking shelter in a temporary sheds being put up on roadsides.

The flood water is likely to consume furthermore area as the river volume of the two rivers continues to bloats till the filing of this report. 

Talking to media persons, minister K. Ranjit, informed that the Manipur river that is flowing through his constituency was over flooded subsequent upon the blockade of its flow by the Chakpi river which is also flowing in spate. The two rivers conjoined at Serou before forming a larger river, he said.    

He further lamented that people in Sugnu constituency has been bearing the brunt of flood time to time when the two rivers are in rage.

In order to overcome the problem and in the meantime avail multiple benefits to the people, the government of Manipur is proposing Chakpi Multipurpose project worth over 800 crores under the central water commission. The project aimed at providing generate electricity, irrigation and drinking water, he said 

He appealed to the NGOs opposing the project to come to the negotiating table to sort out the differences. 

Meanwhile, L. Jatra former Khngabok MLA, urged the government to release water from Ithai barrage as a means to contain the flood and take up measures to pump out water from the field.

He said that the seasonal cycle of plantation has been disrupted due to the flood and sought compensation for the villagers for their losses.   

The incessant rain have also left many area of Imphal city waterlogged.


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