Heavy down-pour ravages Ukhrul


From John K Kaping
UKHRUL, July 4: A three hour heavy downpour last night has created a wide range of land slides, damaging houses, roads, paddyfields and farms in Ukhrul district.

The unprecedented and incessant rain started at around 6:30 pm and continued non-stop till 10:00pm sweeping pillars and retaining walls and destroying farms and paddy fields and creating land-slides.

The incessant rain has also left the walls and pillars of the store rooms of the old Electricity Office located at Greenland, Ukhrul hanging on as the parts of its floor has been swept aside down the steep slope.

The recently constructed retaining wall under the MGNREGS at Alungtang of Ukhrul has also been badly hit by the rain with parts of the wall broken and carried away by the rain.

Some electric posts have also been reportedly damaged.

There are scores of reports that the heavy downpour last night has caused immense damages to paddy-fields and farms in and around the neighbouring inter-villages of Ukhrul district and numerous reports of heavy damages in the far flung areas of the district are pouring in. Road connectivity has also been badly hit with landslides damaging roads which coupled with the damages to farms and paddy fields has hit hard the life of the farmers and villagers.


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