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Integrity Protection Day observation renews `unity` call in state

IMPHAL, July 27: The All Club Organisations and Meirapaibi Lup (ACOAM) Lup today observed the 3rd Integrity Protection day at JN Manipur Dance Academy Imphal with a 15 member delegate including ACOAM Lup president, Indrakumar Ningomba on the dais.

The delegates and the gathering including the invitees observed a two-minute silence in memory of the martyrs who laid down their lives for the protection of the state territorial integrity on June 18, 2001.

Thereafter, secy. gen. ACOAM Lup Sanjit Soraisam, in his key-note address while recounting the June uprising in 2001, mentioned that the people of the state without any instigation drove out of their homes in protest against the news of extension of the ceasefire between the government of India and NSCN (IM) without territorial limit which was signed on June 14, 2001 at Bangkok.

He further related that the said clause of the agreement ‘without territorial limit’ was objected by the people of the state on a massive scale resulting into the June 18, 2001 uprising, during which 18 precious lives were lost in what is now remembered as the ‘Great June Uprising’ by the people of the state.

He further added that the government of India had to ultimately yield to the voice of the people and delete the clause ‘without territorial limit’ from the ceasefire agreement on the evening of July 27, 2001, and ACOAM has been observing the day as ‘Integrity Protection Day’ since 2009 onward he added.

Meanwhile, while addressing the gathering, president FRIENDS Sapamcha Jadumani deliberated that even though the ‘without territorial limit’ clause from the agreement had been deleted, cadres and members of the NSCN (IM) have been operating in the state without any interventions from the security forces, even though both the state and central government are aware of the fact.

Further elaborating on the issue of the NSCN (IM) breaking the ceasefire agreement ground rules, he stated that cadres of the NSCN (IM) were involved in the killing of SDO Dr Kishan and his two sub-ordinate staffs and the recent killing of a couple in front of their children in Ukhrul among various other violent incidents, he further added that even though the ‘without territorial limit’ clause has been reportedly lifted from the ceasefire agreement, the government of India has failed to take up any active action against the erring cadres which is hard to understand.

He has further appealed to all sections of the society to come forward and take active participation in the protection of the territorial integrity instead of just sitting at home and shouting for the protection of the state integrity. 

In the meantime, various representatives of different civil societis and women organizations including L Memchoubi, president, Poirei Leimarol, Leirikleima, president Kanglamei, Ph Shkhi, president AMKIL, AK Janakileima, president Momnu Erikhombi Lup, Alu Kamson, vice-president, KAMA, P Ibochou, president, editor forum, A Mobi, president AMWJU, prof. Naorem Iboton, Dean, Central Agricultural University (CAU) Iroisemba, Tomal Singh, Yuhlung Chothe Luklakpa, Bishnupur Hupi, Chothe village, Mutum Churamani Meetei, vice president HERICOUN, Ch Shankar, president IPSA, YK Dhiren, president UPF and Thoudam Tampakleima Chanu, president CLK who were presidium members of the observation today made their deliberations on the need of a joint effort from all communities settling together since time immemorial in the state to come forward to fight against any force or threat against the territorial integrity of the state.



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