KAMA decries Naga Crusaders


IMPHAL, July 9: Several organizations of the state have declared the Naga crusaders as void and a non existent body while decrying its threat to a certain community.

The Kabui Mothers’ Association, (KAMA) Manipur has decried the NAga Crusader for trying to destabilize the peaceful co-existence between the various communities residing in the state.

A release of the KAMA has while calling the Naga Crusaders as a void and non existent body, has further appealed to all communities residing in the state to maintain peace and understanding among the various communities.

It has further demanded needful actions against the Nagaland based daily ‘the Nagaland post’ for publishing an unaccounted for report which could destabilized a state where various communities have been residing peaceful since long.

Meanwhile the Janta Dal (United) Manipur state has also decried the Naga Crusaders.

A special executive meeting of the Janta Dal (United) Manipur state while strongly condemning the ‘quit notice’ issued by the ‘Naga Crusader’ has reminded the government not to view the issue lightly and demanded a white paper from the present government.

A statement issued by the general secretary of the party has suggested for a long term policy to avoid such destabilizing forces.

It appealed all the political parties of the state and civil bodies to be alert at this critical juncture and at the same time stressed upon the need to take a consensus decision to safeguard the territorial integrity of the state .


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