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KNF issues clean sheet to KLA

IMPHAL, July 31: The Kuki National Front stated that it has issued a clean sheet to the general secretary of KLA, Timothy that the organization have no records of blaming Paokhohao Khongsai s/o Lhunthang Khongsai of Saichang village as a member of KLA nor was he forced to admit illegal activities being conducted by KLA.

A statement issued by Aaron Kipgen, the general secretary of the KNF, clarified that Paokhohao was summoned by the organization (KNF) on July, 23 in connection with the kidnapping construction workers between Napjang and Mollen village.

He was caught to clarify his innocence if he was not involved in the kidnapping.

It claimed that Paokhohao Khongsai during the interrogation confessed that he is a student currently staying at Adimjati Imphal. On the evening of July 15, one Stilee and his friends, KLA cadres, came to pick him up from his hostel by two Hyundai I 20 vehicles. They picked up guns from their hideouts somewhere in Imphal.

After being abducted the kidnapped workers kept at the jungles of Saichang Bongjang village.  

Paokhohao further confessed that he left his friends and return to Imphal with Stilee. On reaching Imphal they sent eatables and mineral water by a winger for the friends in the jungle, it said.
After confirming his involvement in the kidnapping, Paokhohao was handed over to Major Amar of 23 AR posted at Maphou dam on the 25th july 2011, to take necessary actions as per the law. However, the kidnapper was said to have been released without justice meted out, maintained the statement.

Paokhohao Khongsai was not accused to be a cadre of KLA nor was he forced to admit the above confession on gun point further clarified the Kuki National Front.



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