Konthoujam flood victims reeling under govt apathy


IMPHAL, July 4: The Konthoujam Kendra Development Committee has decried that the flood affected villagers of the Konthoujam area have been left high and dry without any form of assistance from the government till date.

Briefing media persons in this regards the chairman of the committee, S. Temba, alleged that the people of the flood affected Konthoujam assembly constituencies have been neglected totally by the concerned government when compared to other flood affected areas in the state.

The chairman questioned whether the negligence has something to do with political grudge relating to the defeat of the Congress in the bye election of the Konthoujam Assembly constituencies. He claimed the only assistance that the flood affected victims are getting is from the pocket of the local MLA.

He conveyed that it is normal for the general public to expect assistance from the government during the time of hardship however he added that any assistance from the side of the government after flood waters had receded will not be acceptable to the people of the area and asserted that the villagers will not accept any form of assistance after the woes of flood. Moreover he also questioned whether the ruling government has banned sanctions of PDS items or equivalent help to opposition MLAs.

It has been reported that flood continued to grips at the area of Kha Jiri, Moirangpok Khunou, Sajirok, Khumbong adding that Khabi Thangtek remained the most serious affected area.

Flood hit Konthoujam Assembly Constituency since June 21 morning when the Maklang river running through Konthoujam area overflowed owing to torrential rain. The flood has submerged large populated area including cultivation lands.


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