Malaria alert


IMPHAL, July 24: At least 10 persons including women and children of villages bordering Myanmar under Kasom Khullen sub-division have been reportedly suffering from mysterious disease suspected to be malaria.

A statement issued by the Kasom Khullen Sub-division development Association (KKSDA), the outbreak of the mysterious disease was first detected at K. Ashang Khullen village since five days back and the numbers of infected persons have increase to 10. It said the individuals suffering from the disease shows similar symptoms with that of malaria like fever, diarrhea etc.

It said the outbreak have spreads to nine villages officially recognized as malaria prone area. The villagers includes Bungpun, Wanglee, Makan, Punomram, kankum, Khonglo, Nambashi and Manthouram.

Every year five to six persons are killed due to the outbreak of malaria for the region lack of basic medical facilities to combat the outbreak.

The KKSDA, has appealed the state malaria department for immediately deputing medical team at the affected villages.


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