Manipur SHANGOM supply hardly meet the demand


By Gautam Sharma
IMPHAL, July 6: Shangom, the only pasteurized toned milk, produced by Manipur Milk Producers’ CO-OP. Union Ltd (MMPU) is unable to supply the demand of the customer in the state due to lack of support from the local entrepreneurs, cattle farmers and lack of attention from the concern authorities, a highly reliable source from the Union said.

According to the same source, till now the union is only able to produce 3000 liters per day even though the demand in the state has reached more than 4500 liters a day and their milk delivery service is only confined to some specific customers including SAI Manipur, Sainik school (Pangei), CRPF Langing area, and other few local individuals.

Even though the state has the potential to produce more standard, hygienic pasteurized milk, however as the farmers are not aware of the update feeding-methodology to increased the quantum of milk production by theirs Cows, as they are more inclined to grass, hay and local-fodder besides new concentrated feeds, the state is unable to meet the demands of the state consumers.

The source further maintained that the local milk distributors, businesspersons are also hampering the growth of the union by selling milk before reaching the pasteurizing plant and also the union only collects milk from the farmers which are registered to them.

As the source added, the majority of packed local cow-milk available at Pan kiosk, grocery stores, is not recommendable for consumption when compared to the pasteurized milk, as milk can retain its potency for 8 hours after extraction from the cow. And the milk produce by the MMPC is boiled at 71 Deg.C, and cooled at 4Deg.C and then placed on the cold storage room, which makes the milk ready to be served, standard and hygienic for consumption.

The MMPU currently has only 37 workers with the state government handing over the sales and marketing activities of the union was handed over to the union in July, 2010.

The union has also contributed Rs. Six lakhs to the state govt. as loyalty from the revenue received, added the source.

Even though it was established in 1971, the renovation of the union building came only after 2004 with some financial aid from the state and central govt. which is not adequate for the development of the required infrastructure, as the source said. 


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