Many friends, many queries but no response from CEO on facebook


By Hrishikesh Angom
IMPHAL, July 17: The state chief electoral officer could draw 303 friends within six days of opening his official facebook account under the name “Ceo Manipur”. However, the CEO’s facebook friends are upset at his silence on this social networking site.

The CEO’s facebook account was officially opened on July 11. His wall is now packed with so many posts from his esteemed friends sharing views and making queries on electoral reforms with special reference to the ensuing assembly election of the state, but he has remained aloof from the facebook shortly after he accepted about 300 friend requests in just six days.

There has been not even a single wall post from the CEO since the opening except for his bio which reads as “I am Chief Electoral Officer of Manipur. You are requested to put up any query regarding elctoral matters and your grievances so that this office can rectify or redress any complaints you may have. Please remeber that your participation in the democratic exercise is important. Please be proud to be a voter.”

Here are some of the queries posted by CEO’s friends on his facebook account:

Tomba Asem: “Any facility for those who stay at abroad, other cities of india who cant come n participate for voting? Let me know.”

Henkai Haokip: “Are we using UID nos. in the coming Election?”

Laltinkim Sanate: “Are we using Photo Electoral Rolls for the 2012 elections?”

Oinam Saxena: “What action can be taken up to a proxy voter who cast vote for someone residing outside Manipur?”

Lamcha Chongloi: “Pu, i got married in the year 1996 with a girl from the same locality and blessed with 3 children (2male and 1female). The first one was born in the year 1997 the second one 1999 and the last female 2006. That means by 2015 the eldest will be eligible to vote. But what i doubt is that i am still not married in the electoral roll inspite of repeated application. Will your good office enroll my son when he attain 18 by 2015?”

Hidam Rameshwar: “It’s an open secrete that during election candidates use malpractice like distributing money 2 the voter…. so what will u do if u find those thing…. will u take action if we give u info…. but the problem is if we gif u an info next mrning my fotos will be on front page of evry news paper with a bullet hole…. can u protect us?”

Maximus Decimus: “sir do u think EVM has far more advantage than using ballot paper?”

The esteemed friends keep on posting queries with the hope that he might clear all their doubts but he remains mum much to the displeasure of his friends.

Some disgruntled friends even questioned the need for opening his official facebook account when he doesn’t respond to the queries.

Some of the wall posts are shown below:

Mohd Abeed Khan: “Hi CEO Manipur. Please wake up and answer all the below queries. Jaago Jaago Manipur Jaago…”

Jmt Byte: “Wat is the purpose of ths grups wen no1 response of the query. Da govt need to employ an expert who cud stay online 24hr attndng it. Its jus a suggestn as i observe unsatisfaction comments.”

Altaf Hussain: “Helo sir mr ceo 1000 of query asking frm ur frens but u why didnt respnce 4 any query.”

Ssari Thounaojam: “So many people join in as soon as this account been open up but WHY isn’t there any respond from the Concerned CEO Manipur??? Is he that Busy or our Manipur internet Network is out of service!! Is this Account also like our Manipuri isstyle, “everything plan & built in newspapers & round table only”??”

Prem Chand Paonam: “What is the purpose to create an account like this CEO Manipur? Is there any beneficial for the people of Manipur state?”

Biju Wayembam: “why_why_why_why…u don’t response any query???? What is the thin purpose for this fb openning? I can’t appriciete u!!!!!”

Some friends have even suggested the CEO of opening a page on facebook so that the users can express and share views more efficiently.

Chitaljit Heikrujam wrote on the wall “Some simple suggestions, Sir. Kindly open a Page or a Group instead of this personal account and you may also incorporate some of your willing and responsible fellow officials and friends as administrators of that Page or Group and set some rules and certain limitations as well. I hope that might enable you to conduct more productive…”

Some of the CEO’s friends have also shared good views on his wall.

Ningombam Shyamkishwor wrote on the CEO’s wall “There comes a need to eradicate money and muscle power in elections so that a true representative government is formed and the problem of curruption, embezzlement and favouratism is reduced at all possibility. Please take up measures to break the nexus of politicians and militants for a fair election to have a good popular government. The complaints of election related matters have to be dealt in a people friendly manner not to hijack the mandate of the citizens.”

The CEO has begun a good work and should try to maintain it till the end. His facebook account is an official one and so it would be meaningful if he spares at least half an hour daily to check his facebook updates and answer the queries of his voter friends to serve the purpose of conducting free and fair polls in the state.


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