Meghen confident of getting support from other countries


GUWAHATI, July 7: The chairman of UNLF, RK Meghen has expressed confidence of getting support from other countries in the liberation movement of Manipur.

Speaking to media persons today at the special NIA court complex in Guwahati, RK Meghen stated that the eastern countries which have certain similar characteristics with Manipur have already recognized the liberation movement of the state and they will surely render a helping hand to fulfill the goal of the Manipuris.

He further contended that Manipur has the right geo-political environment of a sovereign state and its historical background and geographical structure will help in the liberation movement.

The UNLF chief further decried the divisive policy of the Indian government terming it as a means to curb the liberation movement of the state.

He asserted that the liberation movement of Manipur is based in the state itself and it will be futile on the part of the Indian government to launch counter-insurgency operations in the neighbouring countries of Myanmar and Bangladesh.

The UNLF has been able to carry on the liberation movement with the support of the people of both hill and valley regions. The people should also understand the plot devised by some anti-social people to tarnish the revolutionary movement in the state, Meghen asserted.

He stated that the UNLF is striving to build a unified force with all like-minded revolutionary parties to achieve the common objective of the Manipuris. However, mere differences in the policy of the parties will delay the independence of the state.

Meghen also appealed to the youths to refrain from drug abuse and contribute something to the revolutionary movement of the state.


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