Mysterious eggs at Kangla create `rebirth of Maichau` belief


IMPHAL, July 7: In what some believers have described as an indication to the return of the “Maichau taret” (old Manipuri mythological legends), seven eggs of a bird were reportedly found laying together at a ground near the Ibudhou Wangbren Shanglen today,which is just to the south of old Govinda temple of Kangla Fort of Imphal at around 3:30 pm by some person,  

The seven eggs were found by one Sunil Moiranthem, this evening at around 3:30pm while he was roaming around the area.

Later after the discovery, K Marutombi, 84, a priest who maintained that he has been residing inside the Kangla since the past five decades interpreted the event as symbolic to Meitei religion.

Marutombi who identifiedhimself as Panthou alias Yaiberel Shidaba said, “The finding of the eggs is a sign of the re-emergence of the maichau taret”, which according to him signifies the process of restoring the past Meitei glory and virtue.

He confidently added, “The eggs were found only today which also happens to be the Ingan gi taretni panba (Meitei calender day), which has baffled and attracted a few individuals.

Further according to Marutombi, the coinciding of in the number of the eggs found and the day in the Meitei calendar is a prophesy which foretells a maichau taret prophesy.

According to a believer found at the spot explained that Maichu in the Meitei mythology are like the guiding spirits or prophets or wise men who will lead the state to prosperity according to the Meitei mythology.

A couple who came there to offer prayer and flower on getting information of the eggs being found inside the Kangla philosophically said, “something good and positive will be coming to the state”.

Another individual found the site added, “What Panthou said is reliable because he has been staying alone inside the Kangla for over five decades alone and is still unmarried.

IFP was informed of the incident on phone however the line got disconnected before IFP could conjure any further information, and had rush to the incident site to get the information.


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