New guards for Lions Club of Kohima installed


New guards for Lions Club of Kohima installed
New guards for Lions Club of Kohima installed
KOHIMA, Jul 5 (NEPS): Lions Club of Kohima (LCK) has got a new team of guards to run the affairs of its Lionistic Year 2011-12. A grand “Installation ceremony” for the New Board of Directors for the Lionistic year 2011-12 was held here at the Orchid Boutique, near Mezhur Higher Secondary School this evening.

Installation Officer, Lion K Seyie, administered the “swearing-in ceremony” of the new Board of Directors of the prestigious Kohima Lions Club (KLC) during the “Installation ceremony.”

The new Board of Directors are Lion Er Hozheto Shikhu (Executive Engineer), President; Lion Oken Jeet Sandham (NEPS Editor), Secretary; Lion Achakbou (Sr Agri Engineer), Treasurer; Lion Rajeev Verma (Businessman), 1st Vice President; Lion SP Francis, 2nd Vice President; Lion Hosheto Achumi, MJF (Transport Commissioner), Board of Director; Lion AB Menon, Board of Director; Lion Meren Paul, MJF (Retd Transport Commissioner), Membership Chairman; Lion Dr Imliwapang, Tail Twister and Lion Mezayi Tetseo (RTO), Tamer.

Taking opportunity of administering the “Installation ceremony,” Lion Seyie also drew the attention of the fellow Lions who attended the grand “installation ceremony program” to extend their best “efforts” to make “our Lions Club of Kohima” capable of living to its dignified manner.

The installation officer also congratulated the new LCK President Er Hozheto Shikhu on being elected as Chief Executive Head of the Club and also his team. He also extended his best wishes to him and his team to carry on the activities of the Club on a higher scale.

Expressing his profound happiness on being bestowed the responsibilities as the Head of the Club, new LCK President Lion Er Hozheto Shikhu recalled the past leaders of the Club, saying that because of their dedication and sacrifices, the “spirit of Lionsim” kept alive till today. He promised that he would do his best to live up to their dreams and promises. Assuring that he would always seek their support and cooperation in discharging his duties as President of the Club, Lion Shikhu lauded the works and contributions rendered by the outgoing Board of Directors headed by Lion Dr Sashimeren Aier.

Outgoing President Lion Sashimeren Aier, while congratulating the new Board of Directors of LCK, expressed hope that the new team would keep up to fulfill their dreams. He also expressed his happiness on other new members who have joined the Club on this historic occasion of “Installation ceremony.”

Earlier, outgoing LCK Secretary Lion Er Tali Temsu Jamir gave report of the previous activities, while the outgoing LCK Treasurer Achakbou, Er Sr Agri Engineer gave financial report.

Large number of past President of the club, senior and junior Lions and Lionesses also attended the occasion.


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