NGOs to address climate change issue


IMPHAL, July 25: In order to help mitigate the issue of climate change in the state, which is also a global crisis, a two-day consultative workshop on ‘Manipur Sate Action plan on Climate Change’ concluded today at the conference hall of Hotel Nirmala.

The workshop was jointly organized by Center for Social Development (CSD) and North East Dialogue Forum (NEDF). The consultative workshop which was initiated from yesterday were participated by peoples including intellectual, NGO chief functionary and representative, Environmentalist, consultants etc. and the members from civil society organization. The participant’s pays attention on the drafted action plans of State Environment and Ecology Wing on ‘State Action Plans on Climate change’ that that is yet to finalized.

The workshops recommendation was given special importance on Forest Mission in which they forest of the state should not put under (REDD+) Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest degradation Plus. According to a source, REED is presented as an ‘offset’ scheme of the carbon market and thus, will produce carbon credits.  Carbon offsets are ‘emission-saving projects’ that in ‘theory’ compensated for the ‘emission. The ‘carbon credits’ generated by these projects can be used by industrialized government and comparative to meet their target, and or to be traded with market. It also gives special attention to water bodies from privatization or any other industrial activities.  

Speaking at the press conference today, the NGOs demands a strong State Action Plan for Climate Change from people’s perspective, the NEDF stressed that the action plan should not dismantle the indigenous reality and their inherent right of the indigenous populations. While interacting with media persons, it was voiced that the state action plan should not promote development processes that could affect the Survival, livelihood and destruction of the ecosystem of the state. The recommendation advocates the formulation of specific policies towards the protection of ecosystem and a comprehensive state development policy that won’t contribute to climate change.

During the interaction with the organizers and media persons, it was said that the state action plan on climate change should not allow the intrusion of private sector to owned and manage the tradition or community forest of the state.

During interactions with the media persons, it was said by the organizer that Nation Action Plans for Climate change was formulated in a closed door discussion only by a groups of 14 people which provides no rooms for feed back. The organizers then added eight states of the country namely Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Orrisa, Karnataka, Assam, Andra Pradesh and Haryana has drafted their own states action plans which were not opened for peoples feed back. The organization then added that, but for Assam its getting bit relaxed now comparing with other states now, added by the organizer.

The participants also expressed gratitude to State Environment and Ecology Wing for providing opportunity to discuss and opening rooms for recommend for the state action plan unlike other states.


  1. most people don’t understand mathematical modelling. Google Burt Rutan’s comments on climate models. He only uses simple models to build space craft for NASA and Branson. They’re more reliable and less complex than climate models and they still are very often wrong. Pay people to play games with models and reward them for alarmism and this is what you get. In 10 yrs the models will still be wrong but the alarmit’s names will be etched into the web forever. But we only believed the scientists they will claim. Bah


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