NSCN (K) faction confirms ceasefire continuation


IMPHAL July 6: A statement of the NSCN (K) signed by its MIP, Secretary, has clarified that a ceasefire was signed in between NSCN(K) or National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Khaplang) and the GOI and definitely not with the NSCN (Kitovi) or for that reason not even NSCN(Khole) and the ceasefire continues to be there as it was before with the NSCN(K).

It has stated that If Kitovi feels that, chairman S.S.Khaplang is a Burmese than, he must be an Indian. Therefore, a ceasefire between an Indian Kitovi and his own Indian brothers does not arise. There is no question of any ceasefire among them when they share everything in common, it maintained.

Kitovi is a pawn in the hands of some Indian agencies and is doing everything on the directives of those forces who are bent to weakened the sacred Naga national cause and to bring division among the Naga family and for that matter Kitovi has also roped in Khole who was paid Rs.70 lakhs(Seventy lakhs ) at Minyaksu on Oct. 10, 2010 to speak his language, it asserted.

Khole who was among the most regarded Naga leader, had vowed not to step in the Naga soil on the Indian side until Nagas achieve full independence and he did so until as recently as 2009. But, he was slowly poisoned by Kitovi into today’s materialistic world. He was a general even during the undivided NSCN and was the most respected Naga Army general but, today Kitovi has reduced him to a general without an army, it further maintained.

It is unfortunate that Kitovi, who in his long career as an ato-kilonser never had any political wisdom for the Nagas, is today trying to cultivate divisions among the Naga family to please his godfather and his cheap propaganda clearly indicates that, Kitovi is another name for a burden to the Nagas, the statement ended.


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