Rs 97.47 lakh sanctioned for modernization of state police


IMPHAL, July 21: The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has sanctioned Rs. 97,47,497 as ad hoc advance for the expenditure incurred by the state home department on police modernization schemes and security related works during October 1, 2010 to March 31 this year.

According to an official source, the state home department at the beginning of the current financial year had sought Rs. 1.62 crore as reimbursement from MHA for expenditures borne by the state home department in modernization of the police force and security related works.

It  further said that while responding the claims for reimbursement made by the state home department the Integrated Finance Division has recently accord sanction of Rs. 97,47,497 which is 60% of the total claim amount sought by the state home department from the MHA.

In the meantime, under secretary MHA, SM Kondwal along with official order of releasing the amount of Rs.97,47,947 as partial reimbursement and remaining amount will be released after verifications by the MHA Audit team to the schemes under police modernizations and documents submitted to the MHA by the state home department which are related to security related expenditures.


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