`Sadar Hills people deprived of Rs.38000 crores development package`


IMPHAL, July 26: Representatives of various Kuki civil bodies, member of district council (MDC) and member of Sadar Hills districhood demand committee (SHDDC) today staged a sit in protest demonstration at the office complex of the additional deputy commissioner (ADC), Kangpokpi, against the 40 year denial of full fledged districthood to Sadar hill autonomous district.

The protest was jointly organized by the SHDDC and MDCs wherein various Kuki civil bodies like the Kuki Innpi Sadar Hills, KSO sadar hills, Sadar Hills Chief Association (SAHILCA), Kuki Women Union Manipur, Thadou Students’ Association Sadar Hills, Kuki Innpi New Keithelmanbi Block, Kangchup area Tribal Youth organizations, KSO new Keithelmanbi, KSO Saikul, took part.

Later a memorandum addressing to the Chief Minister of Manipur was submitted to the ADC Kangpokpi, H. Rupachandra Singh, by the leaders of the various bodies including the chairman of Autonomous District Council Kangpokpi, S. Sheipu.

Briefing media persons on the sideline of the protest SHDDC secretary, Tonghen Kipgen, said “we are spearheading the sentiments of the people of Sadar Hills, we are leading the citizens of Sadar Hills as an example”.

He further disclosed that the committee will declare its further course of action in few days time.

The SHDDC in the memorandum mentioned that the trust of the people of Sadar Hills Autonomous District Council has on successive Manipur Governments have been very strong that they have been the most peaceful, patience and democratic citizens not only of Manipur but also throughout India with regards to their demand for districthood is concerned.

The people’s patience for almost 40 years for the complete concretization of Manipur (Hill Areas) Autonomous District Council Act 1971 in respect of Sadar Hills Autonomous District council should be seriously considered by the state government, it urged.

It further claimed the prolonged delayed of granting districthood have denied the people the opportunities for all round developments. Socio-economic developments that have been lost during the period of about 38 years will amount to Rupees 38,000 crores as rough estimate.

“We are now really surprised and questioned ourselves as to if we live in a state where the government does not want development of its land and people; is the constitution of India partial amongst the different sections of citizens of the state, is the boundary of Manipur not definitely demarcated so that our citizenship to a particular state is not yet clear: how has the state that has the earliest democratic form of government in the whole south east Asia could manipulate and neglect an Act of Parliament? We have no choice other than posing to ourselves these simple but hard questions. We still believe that the government of Manipur has answers to them” it said.

While comprehending the facts and circumstances it concluded that the propriety of politics and would be a means of doing social justice as well as a way of dispensing equal development to all sections of the Manipuri society to fulfill the demand of Sadar Hills’ people. It further asserted that spearheading the sentiment of the people SHDDC, MDCs and public leaders sat together today, the 26 July at Kangpokpi protesting the 40 years denial of our genuine demand for districthood for speedy developments of the people under the Sadar Hills Autonomous District.

Further it reiterated that the Sadar Hills be declared the 10 full fledged district of Manipur at most immediate times.



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