Sainik School authorities clarifies


IMPHAL, July 30: The authorities of Sainik School Imphal expressed concern on a news item published in certain sections of the media.

According to a statement issued by the major registrar for principal of Sainik School mentioned that, like previous occasions some disgruntled elements have distorted facts and incidents to tarnish the image of the Sainik School and its principal. It further mentioned that the mindset of these people can be gauged by their heinous acts of leveling baseless allegation against family members of the principal to settle their personal grievances. All sections of the society in general and parents and boys in particular must joint hands to defeat such nefarious designs of these handful persons who have vested interest, it added.

The statement also mentioned that,  to ensure meticulous discipline without physical, corporal, suspension, withdrawal punishment, the school authorities implemented ‘code of conduct card’ for each cadet with effect from this academic session onwards and a copy of the same was given to all parents and no parent had lodged any complaint with it.

Over a period of the last three months, some cadets have found themselves committing undisciplined activities repeatedly. These cadets then organized students of class IX and some class X cadets to demonstrate on July 24 for withdrawal of the code of conduct card, the statement added.

It is also further added that, the school authorities did not yield to their demand until July 25 afternoon and finally the school authority suspended the conduct code at the request of the parents and the agitating cadets resumed normal training. However, when the principal explained the implications of such a move, the parents requested for re-implementation of the conduct of code which the principal refused and agreed to discuss later on in a parents and school staff meeting.

Denying the allegation raised against the school principal, the statement clarified that the trouble restarted when the son of the principal bossed around in the cadets mess, as the principal’s son has never visited cadets mess or dormitories till date the very incident was involved only by class IX and a few class X cadets in July 24 demonstration.

It is also further clarified that, principal of the school has never picked up a cane or an instrument to give corporal punishment. The reality is that since his arrival the physical punishment, ragging, beating etc have been a history in the school and principal never used any abusive language, it clarified.

The statement further clarified that, since ragging and beating incidents were eliminated, the principal demonstrated the difference between bullying and having fun in five different class rooms in order to root out the unattended psychological disease in academic institutions.

The statement finally mentioned that, all staff and cadets and authorities of Sainik school Imphal are committed to make the institution a premier education in the North East. In these effort their humble request to enlist supports from various level against such false propaganda, the statement added.


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