State employees threaten cease-work strike resumption, set July 17 deadline for government


Coordination committee of government employees AMGEO, AMTUC, COTA and Pensioner Union officials during the press conference held at Babupara announcing the deadline for the govt to fulfill their demand of 6th Pay in toto.
IMPHAL, July 5: State government employees under the aegis of various employee organizations including the All Manipur Government Employees Organization (AMGEO), All Manipur Trade Union Council (AMTUC) and the Council of Teachers’ Association (COTA), have threatened to resumed their suspended cease work strike from July 18 and has served an ultimatum to the government demanding the execution of the MoU signed between the state government and the various organizations regarding the implementation of the 6th central pay recommendation in toto before July 17.

A co-ordination committee of government employees of state, comprising of various major employee organization including All Manipur Government Employees Organization (AMGEO), All Manipur Trade Union Council (AMTUC), Council of Teachers’ Association (COTA), Manipur Secretariat Service Association (MSSA), Manipur State Pensioners’ Union (MSPU), has warned to resume its cease work strike and other forms of agitations in case of failure of the government to execute their demands before the July 17 deadline.

A press conference was held today at the office of the JAC of AMTUC and AMGEO, Babupara.

Speaking during the meet the JAC’s general secretary, Ch. Chandramani stated that the decision was taken by a general body meeting of the committee held on June 30 and added that they had submitted the ultimatum to the government on July 2. 

Chandramani recalled that a MoU was signed with the government and the co-ordinating committee on May 19, 2010 in connection with their demands concerning implementation of recommendations of the 6th central pay commission in toto.

Owing to the signing of the MoU the employees who were on cease work strike then had call off its strike immediately on the same day as the signing of the MoU.

He further lamented that although there has been a gap of more than 13 months from the date of signing of the MoU, the government has not executed the provisions of the MoU fully as per norms of the centre except some modified and incomplete orders. Since the agreement was signed the government has paid only 6 months arrears only for basic pay ignoring allowances for the employees.

Chandramani claimed that basically an MoU expires within 6 months after its date of signing but the JAC has waited for more than 13 months awaiting for the assurance made by the government to execute the agreement as soon as possible.

P. Koireng convener COTA, stated that considering the interest of the students the COTA protest would initially however he further asserted that the association would be compelled to fully endorse the co-ordinating if the government remained adamant.

The president of the pensioners’ union H, Yaima, disclosed that the pensioners this time will come down hard on the government and informed that they would even take their protest to the national capital, if the need arises.

As per the extract copy of the MoU signed made available to the media, “The state government has accepted the revised pay scales and based on the central pay scales in toto. Cases of anomalies/correction will be reviewed and corrective action, where justified will be taken up at the earliest”.

The state government has also already notified some of the allowances like DA, HRA, SCA on the pattern and rates as applicable to central government employees. The remaining allowances will also be considered and announced shortly was mentioned in the MoU signed between the government and the agitating bodies. 

It has further stated that, “In view of the resources constraints and on the assurance of the JAC to ensure timely and full collection of Government resources in all departments, the state government agreed to pay arrears of pay for six months with effect from January 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 in cash in two equal installments. The first installment will be paid on November 1, 2010and the second installment on June 1, 2011. the payment of arrears in cash will be subject to the achievement of target collection of arrears and current dues by the power department failing which the state government will have the option to credit the arrears in to the respective GPF accounts of the employees for a period of six months”.

The state government will consider all other legitimate demands of the JAC including revision of pay of work charge, mustor rolls, regularization of their service etc depending on the financial situation and rules framed by the government. Dies non orders of the employees would be cancelled. No victimization to the striking employees and the government would examine all legitimate additional demands as pointed out the JAC/COTA”, added the release.

The memorandum copy was signed by chief secretary, DS. Poonia, on behalf of the government.


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