Thanga MLA clarify on allegations


IMPHAL July 1: Chief-whip of the SPF and MLA of Thanga constituency T. Mangibabu clarified that the allegations made against him by one Tongbram Robindro who was arrested by police for smuggling drugs and that his arrest was perpetrated by the MLA himself is unfounded.

Talking to reporters at his office at the old secretariat complex today, Mangibabu contended that he had nothing to do with Robindro’s arrest and he was hauled up by police for his clandestine business activities.

“How can I instigate the police to arrest someone, Robindro was known as a smuggler after the Delhi police arrested one Napolean from Delhi airport with 200 kgs of Ephidrine on April 4, Robindro was named as the mastermind behind the smuggling in the media. His allegation in the local electronic media that he is not involved with drug trafficking and that I was responsible for his arrest is baseless”, the MLA added.

The MLA contended that he had been involved in politics since the early 80’s has never used any unfair means to get ahead in his career. “Let anyone stand for election, it is a person’s democratic right but I feel that he should be centered in bringing about peace and development, not in criminal activities”, he said.

The MLA and his workers voiced that Tongbram Robindro has political aspirations and to contest the forthcoming elections.

Meanwhile Robindro who belongs to the same constituency as the MLA is said to be related to the MLA.

Mangibabu replying to the fate of fishers after the introduction of the Loktak Protection Act said that the Act has to be there to protect the lake, but if the clauses in the said act becomes anti people, then it needs to be amended, he maintained.


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