UCM furious over purported threat to communal harmony


IMPHAL July 6: In a press conference held at the office building of UCM at Lamphel this evening, UCm president, Y. Dilip expressed strong reaction and condemned the purported insinuation of inflicting fear and threat to the communal harmony in the state by the so called Naga Crusaders.

It has been reported that early this morning, taking advantage of the darkness, several leaflets with strong streaks of communal hatred without any credible official appearance issued by the so called Naga crusaders were slipped into small openings of several shops and residents around the vicinity of North AOC in Imphal.

Further, it was said that no one had any clue behind the alleged early morning actions. It may be mention that several Naga civil societies and organizations including armed militant outfits had rejected the so called Naga Crusaders and subjected it as a ploy by some vested interest to derail the ongoing Naga peace talk.

During the press conference president of UCM Y.Dilip termed today’s incident at North AOC as one of the hidden agendas to disintegrate and instigate communal uproar in the state by the central government.

Appealing the public to disdain any untoward activities that can lead to communal clash in the state, he said that the people should be cautious from any such rumours allegedly perpetrated by some vested interest individuals or organizations with the intention to sabotage the very peaceful co-existence among different communities living in the state.

Further, he demanded the state government to institute an investigating team to find out those involved with the so called Naga Crusaders and bring them to book.

He added that the government should put their best effort to refrain such threat from external forces from recurring in the future.

The UCM also submitted an ultimatum to the Chief Minister today pressing the government to take necessary precautionary measures for maintaining peace and normalcy in the state and to inform about the threat to the union minister of home affairs, government of India with immediate effect. The ultimatum further demanded that the state government should intimidate its decisions to the public within July 8 for taking necessary precautionary measures.


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