UCM president accuses central government of communal policies in state


IMPHAL July 2: Calling for unity and integrity, Yumnamcha Dilip, president UCM said that we should restore and reaffirm the one thousand years history of brotherhood and communal harmony among various tribes and communities in the state and should retrain from condemning a particular community as a whole because of a leader.

Y. Dilip was addressing group media persons, on the sideline of the 11th Foundation day celebration of the All Club Organization association and Meira Paibi Lup, (ACOAM- Lup), Manipur.

Accusing the central government for infusing communal policies and divide and rule policies among the different communities living the state, he added that the tripartite talk held at Senapati district was in reality one such ploy of the central government to disintegrate the communal fabric of the state that should be objected and condemned.

He urged the state government to press the central government to restrain from practicing communal policies in the future.

Today’s foundation day celebration was attended by guests and invitees. Indrakumar Ningombam, president, ACOAM – Lup, Rk. ChandraKumar, former president, ACOAM – Lup and other well known dignitaries were on the dais. The 11th foundation day was celebration with the motto dignified integrity.


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