ZSUM demands cancellation of DPC


IMPHAL, July 31: The Zeliagrong Students’ Union Manipur alleged ADC Tamenglong for violating the rules and regulation of the Right to Education as frame by the Serva Sikhsa Abiyan SSA, government of India.

According to a release of the union the ZSUM is not pleased with the recruitment procedure of the recently conducted Assistant Teachers under the Tamenglong Autonomous District Council.

The release added that, the concerned authority has some bias attitudes favouring particular candidates for their self gains in the recent recruitment procedure of assistant teachers under the Tamenglong ADC which is not acceptable by the public. Besides the primary objective of RTE Act, 2009 as framed by the SSA is impart quality education to all the children. However, Tamenglong, ADC is something different from SSA which give due importance to recruitment and employment rather than imparting quality education.

The union has questioned whether Tamenglong ADC is a job recruitment agency or educational institution, in this respect TADC will have many things to say, the release added.

The release further mentioned that, in total contravention with the larger public interest, CEO, Tamenglong ADC has recruited a number of assistant teachers under his own discretion. On the recommendation of the DPC, a common via-voce was held on December 18 last year to January 11 last of the Tamengong ADC office Memo No.1/12/2005-06/TADC/DPC(Pt) as per government approval vide letter No. 2/32/2008-CHA/TML dated 22nd April, 2010 read with Rules 45 of Manipur (Hills) District Council rules.

It is also mentioned that under the same Memo number, various orders were issued at different date e.g. 22nd  April 2010 and 30th  July, 2010 and the recruitment did not stop till now. Many A/T cannot be concluded in the MGEL due to excess which is not corresponding to the vacant post.

The union further demanded for the cancellation / termination of this particular order and arrangement for conducting fresh DPC as possible on the larger interest and failure of comply to their demands will seek legal aid from the court or launch stern agitation and the CEO, Tamenglong ADC shall be held responsible for any act of commission whatsoever, the release added.


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