Alleged malpractice surfaces during P.G. (medical) entrance test


IMPHAL, August 8: Amidst unproven though relentless chatter amongst the general public of malpractices in various departments of the state during staff recruitment process, an alleged malpractice in the selection of state sponsored candidates for the post graduate (medical) entrance examination 2011, by omitting the norms of selection has emerged, which has raised many eyebrows on the credibility of the state health service.

According to reliable sources, three doctors who had failed to get through the recruitment of the Medical Officer conducted by the Manipur Public Service Commission in 2010 and short-listed among the waiting listed candidates were granted eligibility for appearing in the PG entrance examination 2011 which was conducted on February 28, 2011 as state sponsored candidates. 

The source further stated that there are two categories for appearing in the P.G entrance examination which includes open category and sponsored category.

According to the sponsored category norms a candidates is deemed eligible or qualified as state sponsored candidate to appear the P.G (Medical) entrance examination only when he/she has remained in state service for a minimum period of two years.

The sources informed that earlier the minimum service period was five years, however, it was rectified in 2007-08.

The source also confided that the three candidates who have appeared in the list of sponsored eligible candidates to appear in the P.G entrance examinations 2011- Manipur are serial no. 28-bearing roll no. S-8828, serial no.-29 bearing roll no. S-8829 and serial no. 33 bearing roll no. S-8833 all belonging to the general category.

It further disclosed that these candidates were in the waiting list of the recruitment of MO conducted by the MPSC on June 7, 2010 which indicates that they are yet to served in the state service.

The candidates bearing roll no. S-8828 was at serial no. 68/G at the waiting list, roll no. S-8829 was at serial no. 9/G and roll no. S-8833 at serial no. 55/G in the waiting list of the recruitment of the Medical Officer.

The source further informed that the appointment letter to the successful candidates of the MO examination was issued in January 2011 which rules out any possibility of the waiting list candidates to be qualified for appearance in the P.G exam as state sponsored candidates.

Even though the hand behind the manipulation remains unclear, the sources maintained that the sponsored certificate issuing authority is the health director who had later sent the list to the RIMS.


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