AMCO highlights role of Christians on social issues


IMPHAL, August 17: In continuation of its steps to create awareness on the contemporary issues and Christian response in the state, the All Manipur Church Organisation has today organized a one day consultation meeting at United Pentecostal Church, Chakpikarong, Chandel.

Speaking at the function, AMCO president Prim Vaiphei highlighted upon the role taken up by the Christian organization in suppressing conflict amongst various ethnic groups of the state and in spreading the message of unity amongst them.

He stated, “Today, our society has become so corrupted and polluted” before adding that many Christian have also become polluted.

He further said that Marijuana and poppy plants have been vastly planted across the beautiful hilly terrains of the state. Further decrying the act of polluting the hills with the plantation of such plants, he asked who should be blamed for such things.

He further questioned, “Should the Church leaders be not blame for failing to control such activities?”

Further speaking on the various ills of the society, he stated that only the government officials and the government should not be blamed as corrupt because corruption has become deep-rooted in our society with the general public as much responsible for it as any government official.

Further, elaborating on the duties of a true believer of Christ, he maintained that a church member should not indulged in corrupt and illegal activities. He should not sell his vote and should stop others from doing so.

Meanwhile, a session on ‘understanding election procedure and election matters’ was also taken up by Dr. Leban Serto, prof. Martin Luther Christian Institute, Shillong during the day long meeting.

The session elaborated on the roles to be played during election process by the church leaders and members. 

He further added that ever Christian members need to participate in the electoral reforms. He maintained that in a democratic country electoral reforms are needed from time to time.

He further asked the church members, “to vote for values and votes for truth”.

During the consultation meeting a book called ‘understanding election procedure and election matters’ was also exposed for sale, as developed by the AMCO.

The workshop was also attended by Rev. Dr. Nipamach, Father George, Catholic School Chanchipur ; Rev. Simon Pastor MBC Central Chruch; Dr. Rev. Lalpi , who are also members of AMCO.


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