ANSAM reaffirms its stand against creation of new districts


IMPHAL, Aug 27: All Naga Students’ Association Manipur (ANSAM), in its presidential council meeting held on August 22 at Ukhrul town, has reaffirmed its stand that not an inch of Naga area would be bifurcated for creation of any new district in Manipur.

A release of the association stated the council meeting also reaffirmed that the demand for creation of Sadar Hills and Jiribam Districts should be based on consensus to all the ethnic affinities and communities in Sadar Hills and Jiribam and should be honourable to the Naga People. The meeting also decided to advise and remind Manipur government to honour the MoUs signed between the Government of Manipur and the Nagas, with ANSAM in 1981, with NSF in 1992, with ANSAM and UNC in 1996 and with UNC, ANSAM and other Naga Frontal Organisations in 1998.

It further mentioned that the decision of the incumbent government to demarcate the existing boundary before declaring Sadar Hills District as a full fledged District may be welcomed but not by means of  demarcating any Naga area(s) to creation of any new District(s). The State Cabinet’s decision to constitute a Committee on Reorganisation of Administration and Police District boundary to streamline administration of the State is not welcome by the Nagas as Nagas are the people in the world who knows best of their ancestral land and boundaries and hence need no history or Government to tell the Nagas of their land and boundaries. There is no question of smaller Naga-land or greater Naga-land since the territory of the Nagas is fixed and well demarcated. Furthermore, Nagas are not against any community or tribe but Nagas will be against any community/tribe/Government who tries to divide the Naga people and grab its land and rule in hegemony over the people and its land.

It was shocked to see the prejudice trained State forces that have become a watchdog in Sadar Hills area with arms folded watching the imbroglio and enjoying the warmth of burning trucks in this year’s rainy weather.

The association also questioned the biased attitude of Manipur government for imposing 144 CrPC in NH 53 Tamenglong area after a bandh was called by UNC. This kind of governance is a sign of communal and inefficient Government, who masterminded all the unrest and propagated law and order situation in the State. The Association vision no rest in the State and hence appeal to all non – Naga organisations and general public to blame the communal Government of Manipur for the deadlock in the state of Manipur.

The association appealed Manipur government to immediately withdraw imposition CrPC 144 on NH-53 Tamenglong area. Failing of which the association with take its own course of action and government will be held responsible for any untoward accident, the release added.


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