Art of living members propagate anti-corruption message


IMPHAL August 22: The shockwave of anti-corruption campaign has reached the state with more than 50 members of the Art of Living Foundation as well as other general public converged at the lane along the Paona International market and carried out a silent candle light anti corruption rally amidst pouring rain today evening.

The rally under the initiative of The Art of Living Foundation, Manipur unit took the northern side of the road from Keishampat by the river Nambul upto Wahengbam leikai traffic point.

“The rally is to create awareness to the general public about corruption. We are all aware that even in the national level many campaigns are going on but in our state like Manipur, is very prone in corruption and if I’m not mistaken, our state is one of the most corrupted state in the country, that is why we are giving awareness to the public that we should do something to eradicate corruption to our best level. This is our responsibility” Arambam Arjun, one of the teachers of the Art of Living Foundation, Manipur told some media persons during the rally.


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