Book Release (Aug 30): Freedom from India: A History of Manipur Nationalism. By Malem Ningthouja

Book Release (Aug 30): Freedom from India: A History of Manipur Nationalism. By Malem Ningthouja
Book Release (Aug 30): Freedom from India: A History of Manipur Nationalism. By Malem Ningthouja


You are cordially invited to kindly attend the release of the book

A History of Manipur Nationalism

Authored by Malem Ningthouja
Published by Spectrum Publications, Delhi

Tuesday, 30 August 2011, at 3 p.m.

At the Lecture Hall, Department of History,
University of Delhi (North Campus)

The author is a civil rights activist and Ph. D student in the Department of History, University of Delhi. The book is based on his M. Phil Dissertation. He is available at +91 98 999 25345 or mningthouja (at)


The perception of globalisation as an integral phenomenon of modernity has at times identified nationalism with parochial conservatism. The author argues for nationalism as an integral component of modernity with comprehensive politico-cultural expressions which continue to have material and spiritual implications in the age of globalisation.

He identifies Manipur in a theatre of contest where different nationalist forces articulating parallel nationalism contest one another. He draws a parallel between the British colonial rule and the Indian State after 1947.

The author shows a bent on historical materialism in making a critique of nationalism and opens up the debate on the national question in India. While nationhood is being defined as an objective condition, the Manipur example in particular has been cited to show a condition where nationalism was preceding nationhood in the strict Stalinist definition of the term.

The author predicts that mechanical approaches of using military force and administrative manoeuvrings in the name of name of nationalism to serve the vested interest of the few at the cost of the exploited and marginalised would lead to revolt. This is the root cause of instability.

Political scientists and students and historians and policy makers at the helm of affairs, are bound to find much food for thought in this work.


Having pursued BA and MA in History from Hindu College, Delhi, and obtained M. Phil (History) Degree from University of Delhi, Malem Ningthouja has contributed theoretical articles and papers at national and international levels on issues centred on the nationality question in India. His doctoral thesis Parallel Nationalisms in Post Colonial India (c. 1947-2000): A Study of Nation Formation and National Contests in India With Special Reference to Northeast submitted to the Department of History, University of Delhi, is the nucleus of the present work now in book form.

An activist from his high school days onwards, he had played roles in local clubs in Manipur and civil society organisations in Delhi, and has continuously associated with the Manipur Students’ Association Delhi for more than a decade. He has played important roles in several protests in Manipur and Delhi that were directed against State terrorism and forced displacement and marginalisation in the name of development.

Malem is currently a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Revolutionary Democracy, and is the founder cum chairperson of Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur), a democratic platform that strives to establish Development, Peace and Unity in Manipur. He is the founder cum managing trustee of Labour Research and Organisation Foundation. He is also a member of International Coordination Committee of International League of People’s Struggle.


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