Cabinet still undecided on Sadar hills but resolves to clear pensioners` arrear


School students joining in the demand for a separate Sadar Hills district.
IMPHAL, Aug 10: Even as the agitation for a separate Sadar Hills district continues to get stronger with various bodies and organizations joining in, others are also picking up their opposition to the demand, leaving the state cabinet which met this evening undedcided on how to chalk out any tangible decision on the issue.

According to a senior cabinet minister, the state cabinet which was convened at the official bungalow of the Chief Minister, had thoroughly discussed the present indefinite general strike call of the SHDDC in the Sadar Hills area and the emerging changing law and order situation in the state.

The minister further cited the failure of technical presentations from the district administration and state departments concerned in the Sadar Hills issue for the failure of the state cabinet to come up with any satisfactory decision on the issue.

Further, according to the minister, the meeting minutely deliberated on the grievances faced by the general public due to the prolonged general strike.

It may be recalled all transportation along National Highway 2 (NH 39)-the main lifeline of the state, at Sadar Hills area, has been totally cut off because of the agitation.

This has resulted in the rise of prices of essential commodities in the state.

As a measure to tackle the present grievances of the general public, the cabinet has decided to provide adequate security escorts to transporters along the National Highway 37 (NH-53) immediately, the minister added.

He also informed that the decision of the state cabinet had already been conveyed to all concerned security forces both of the central and the state through the state home department and has advised them to take up security measures along the highway in the forms of Road Opening Patrols, ROPs from tomorrow onward.

Meanwhile, touching upon the demands of the JAC AMTUC and AMGEO over their demand for rectification of the pay anomalies of the employees of 17 departments, the cabinet minister maintained that the cabinet has today given a positive implication towards rectification of pay anomalies for 57 posts of different  departments however the final approval will only be provided after the proposed official meeting between the Chief Minister and various department heads tomorrow at the Chief Minister’s official bungalow, he added.

Further according to the minister, the cabinet has decided to clear out the pending six months arrear of the state pensioners in two phases which will be started from September 1 this year for three months and on December 1 for the remaining three months.


  1. Govt.(Ibobi) knows what is the best deal and needed most for the people of sadar hills and their demands, there should not be any further question to delay Inaugural Day of  Sadar Hills, rather GOVT should apologize to the public  for decades hardships and grievances of this demand. They (Govt) should deal all human beings with great respect and Justice. Don’t delay…it would be more worsen and ugly..


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