Committee vows stir until separate district demand materializes


IMPHAL, August 5: The Sadar Hills Districthood Demand (SHDDC) standing firm on its ground has vowed to relentlessly push its agitation further until the government executes pragmatic measures to declare Sadar Hills into a full fledged district.

This was stated by SHDDC president, Ngamkhohao Haokip during a press meet held at Motbung after a meeting of the committee and the mediators of yesterday’s talk with the government was held today at Motbung where they deliberately discussed on the development of yesterday’s talk.

Talking to media persons after the meeting, Ngamkhohao stated the committee has decided to further continue its stir following the failure of the Chief Minister to give a concrete assurance during a talk held yesterday between mediators of the committee and government representatives led by the Chief Minister himself.

He stated that even if the cabinet resolved to grant districthood the committee will not concede to such assurances unless it is converted into pragmatic measures.

While clarifying on the adamant status of the committee, Ngamkhohao stated that the then government of 1982 had betrayed the SHDDC where the then committee was made to back off from their agitation by giving a mere assurance which was never converted into action.

The committee further expressed its discontentment stating that the Chief Minister has failed to show any affection to the victim amidst the vulgar situation during the talks held with the mediators yesterday.

On the other hand, referring to the editorial of a local daily, the committee has condemned the alleged irresponsibility reflected on the editorial and termed it a design to build up communal hatred between various communities residing in the state.

It urged the local daily to apologize with regards to the matter failing which it threaten to ban the newspaper in the Sadar hills area.

Ngamkhohao while lamenting the inconveniences faced by the stranded passengers, stated the committee did not intend to give harassment to any particular groups or community. He further asserted that the committee will extend all possible help to the stranded passengers.

He informed that the committee, at any cost will not allow any vehicles to pass through their territory however no disturbances will be given to pedestrians, he added. 

He also appealed the people to bear with the committee and extend their co-operation in the interest of the prolonged and genuine demand of the Sadar Hills people.

In the meantime, in its relentless attack against anyone defying the general strike call of the committee, strike supporters set ablaze a black topping machine at Hengbung used for construction work on NH-2 at around 1pm today.

At around 4 pm enraged strike supporters also set ablaze the sub- treasury office of Kangpokpi.

Strike supporters also piled up stones, burning logs and other materials along the highway starting from Gampiphai till Kangpokpi.

Desperate passengers who have been stranded for the past many days have started marching on foot from Senapati towards Imphal with most of them running out of cash.

A mass rally was also held today at Saikul organized by the Kuki Students’ Organisation, (KSO), Saikul block in support of the SHDDC.

Over five thousands villagers from different parts of Saikul took part in the rally.

The rally began from Thangkanphai and concluded at the Saikul SDO block ground. Placards and banner with the slogan demanding districthood to Sadarhills were displayed during the rally.

Later representatives of the KSO, Kuki Innpi, Women Union Saikul block submitted a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister through the SDO Saikul.


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