CPI (ML) blasts UPA government for arresting Anna


IMPHAL, Aug 20: The Manipur state Committee of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) has termed the recent arrest of Anna Hazare and declaration of prohibitory orders in Delhi as ‘naked autocratic acts’ of the central UPA government to suppress all anti-corruption struggles.

A release of the CPI (ML) Manipur while demanding the immediate release of Anna Hazare and revocation of all prohibitory orders from Delhi areas has also added that the central UPA government is trying to reduce the struggle against corruption as one of just passing a Lokpal bill and one between itself and Anna Hazare and this conspiracy should be exposed and defeated.

It also mentioned that, it is not a question of passing a Lokpal or Janalokpal Bill. While the government is trying to make the passing of the Lokpal bill as another joke, it is using the issue to continue its efforts to save the real scamsters after arresting Kalmadi, Raja and Kanimozhi.

It is trying to reduce this issue in to a fight between itself and Anna Hazare. The CBI and all such agencies are curbed from acting against all scams and from arresting the scamsters including those in the PMO, the bureaucrats and the corporate giants who benefited from all deals like 2 G Spectrum, it has stated.

The release further appealed to all progressive, patriotic and democratic forces to raise their voice and force the government to take action against all scams, to arrest all scamsters against whom charges are there and to take immediate action to confiscate all their properties hidden in the name of their relatives and the huge sums of stashed away in the foreign banks by the scamsters.

It has also mentioned that, we should raise the demand for an elected Lokpal at the centre and in the states with right to recall them with right to recall them with full powers to prosecute and punish all against whom people have raise charges.

CPI (ML) Manipur state Committee condemns the arrest of Anna Hazare and fully support the democratic struggle against corruption, the release added.


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