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Don`t` let Sadar Hills issue be the cause of another communal flare up

Leader Writer: Sukham Nanda
The issue over the present Sadar Hills districthood demand in the state is becoming more sensitive day by day as the issue seems to be tending towards the communal line following continuous pouring of total oppositions from different sections of Naga communities of districts of the state to the demands of the Sadar Hills Demand Committee keeping Sadar Hills as one of the full fledged revenue districts by the state government.

The agitation of Sadar Hills Demand Committee by launching indefinite economic blockade along the existing National Highways of the state which are the only life lines of the people has completed 20 days today as a result the common public in the state have started facing serious grievances due the continuing reduces on the stocks of different essential commodities in the state and subsequent rise of prices of various commodities in the main markets at present. But how long such situations of the state will continue to the state, this is the common questions raise by the common public of the state.

It would be tough time for the state government to deliver the present demands easily even though the state Chief minister O Ibobi Singh  himself recently claimed that, whatever demands made by the Sadar Hills Demand Committee was genuine, but it would be right decision for the state to allow continuation of economic blockade along the existing National highways for so long and letting the common people suffer. There must be a solution to each and every problem which the state government need to find out before matter is affecting to the entire administration of the state.

State government need to recall the past similar instance of serious effects on the entire administrations of the government during last year prolonged economic blockade along the National highways of the state called by the Naga bodies for their certain demands. Who knows the present economic blockade will more terrified than last year economic blockade called by the Naga bodies. Time has come for the state government spell out utmost sincerity and ability to solve existing problems before it is too late.

On the other hand, the issue of Sadar Hill due to the emerging of strong opposition from the Naga bodies has added more complex and the very demand itself is now letting the general public to take as demands of a particular Kuki community. The motive behind the unprecedented claims of total opposition by the Naga bodies against the declaration of Sadar Hills as full fledged district seems adding fuel to the fire upon the state government, and declaration of extending support to Sadar Hills Demand Committee by the different Kuki bodies from various districts of the state are questionable, and which can be now openly term as issue of communal tension which the state government need to be worry.

It may be mentioned that, the people of the state specially the two major ethnic communities, Kukis and Nagas have experienced the sorrows and hardship in the past during ethnic clash from then onward elders of both communities have been still praying the lord for not return of such incidents in the future, but who knows the issue over the Sadar Hills may be another reason for reoccurring of the similar events that had taken place in the past.

Considering the complicacy of the issue of Sadar Hills state government need to tackle the issue delicately as technically as the issue has become amounting to communal issue at present and same time the peace lovers Kuki and Naga brothers to sincere to withdraw their present steps a little backward and reconsider for bringing an amicable solutions through dialogue or through joint gathering so that peace of mind can bring be prevailed to all common people of the state.


  1. The above topic as the writter has said, it is very communal.I feel that there could be differences between tribes or individual, but we cannot term all the differences ethnic or communal between that two tribes.It will be good if we can particularised in region wise or as individual.There are thousands of sensitive KUki and thousands responsible Nagas.
    The media fraternity usually increase the magnamity degree much higher than the factual.The Kuki and Nagas brother share the same faith and has the same enemy who really deprived our rights.Just because there are some dispute over the land boundaries or electro politics differences, we can never blamed the whole tribe.

    The present imbroglio of the sadar hill issue is nothing  but the instigation of some vested politicians and some community who want us to antagonished each other in the name of Kuki or Nagas.There are so many Nagas village in the present sadar hill area and many kuki villages in the naga area.In fact, if we go by the census of 1971 or 1961 nagas are majority component in the Saikul sub-division.

    It is wise to kindled the sensitive issues but we have to also know that solving the problems needs more dedication and those people are much wiser.Who instigate other to create problems is never wise but cunning.

    Our broher kuki and nagas need to realised who is responsible for the differences.Just because  I am jealoused of one particular tribe i should not instigate the other.
    If kuki gets the new district creation, what more benefits are they are going to have.Its going to be the same.And if sadar district are given away than what lost do nagas have.Nothing.
    The problem does not lies with creation of new district but the other spectator who really instigated to create the problems,and take advantages out of the tension created.

    The Kuki brother should sincerelly approached the Naga brother to give but not through the support of the Meitei brothers.We have to know the real predator of problems creators who is living at the expense of our ignorant and mistrust.

    Enough is enough,let us give our best for our future.If we failed to realised today your grand children will curse you my dear. 


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