Evicted families of Yaipha Leikai demand govt attention


IMPHAL August 27: “Why is the government treated us like refugees? Even after more than two months of the eviction on June 6, we are still reeling under tremendous hardships. No assistance has been given from the government so far”, stated one of the members of displaced families of Yaipha Leikai Village, Lamphelpat.

Addressing media persons today at Jupiter Yambem centre located at Keishampat, H. Tombisana decried Lamsang MLA for allowing the eviction while MLAs in other places objected to eviction drives.

She stated that the living condition of the affected families are deplorable , the situation is further accelerated from continuous heavy down pours as many of them are currently taking shelter in makeshift camps on roadside nearby and some of them in the compound of Manipur Food processing located in adjacent to the evicted village. The situation of the families on the makeshift camps on the roadsides has been further more aggravated as police are repeatedly dismantling the camps, she alleged.

The villagers who were present during the conference strongly reacted against the government and the local MLA for failing to assist on their current hardships.

Citing apathy of government on their appeal for necessary time prior to eviction, T. Gunadhor, one of the evicted villagers sharply resented that no decisive actions have been taken up by the government for them so far.

A memorandum was submitted to CM on June 22 by the villagers seeking the government’s intervention and asking to provide sufficient rehabilitation and resettlement for them.

According to the villagers the alternate site provided by the government for resettlement near Yaipha leikai is waterlogged all through out the year and is not feasible for them to relocate as villagers are economically challenged. 


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