Former MPCC (I) president calls for promulgation of Presidents` rule in state


IMPHAL, Aug 21: Former president Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (I) and ex-finance minister L. Lalit Singh has called for promulgation of Presidents’ Rule, PR, in the state which will be the last resort to solve the multifarious problems and to save the future generations of the state.

In his press communiqué, Lalit stated that this is the voice of the innocent, but aggrieved people of Manipur who are placed “in between two horns of a dilemma” in a most awkward and desperate condition due to complete collapse and failure of law and order situation in Manipur.

The statement further said, the present state government fails in all fronts and infrastructural functionaries  of administration. Misgovernance and corruption at high places are letting loose ‘the reign of terror’ in Manipur and this is very serious concern of the state government and people.

It is further mentioned that,  the people of the state have had experienced 65 days economic blockade and bandh imposed along the National Highways of the state by the UNC and ANSAM earlier, about two years ago in which the people of the valley districts were reeling from want / shortage of essential food items including life-saving medicines / oxygen etc. Now, again, the ongoing the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee’s imposition of economic blockade along the National Highways of the state since August 1 which will reportedly continue till August 31st  has already inflicted greatest human tragedy on the 30 lakh population of Manipur due to shortage of essential items.

It says the episode is similar to the addition fuel into fire, the United Naga Council (UNC) has again announced imposition of an indefinite total bandh along the three National Highways of the state from this early morning in protest against the apprehensive bifurcation of Naga inhabited areas in four hill districts of the state. The said bandh will be effective for interstate and state passenger services, good carrier trucks of all commercial items in the  Naga inhabited areas. Where do we stand now? The public suffers due to sky-high prices of all essential items and non availability of life saving drugs etc.

The statement further mentioned that, at this critical juncture of conflict situation, why the government remain silent as a mere irresponsible spectators without any drastic and prompt action as per law of the land within the jurisdiction of the esteemed constitution of India. If this government fails to protect the life and livelihood of the people, promulgation  of Presidents’ Rule will be the  last resort means to solve the multifarious burning problems and to save the future generations of Manipur and let the public grievances be redressed by the Central government through the imposition of PR in the Manipur state, the statement added.


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