Gaikhangam denounces NSCN(IM) on Sangakpham blast


IMPHAL, August 3: One day after the state Chief Minister announced NSCN (IM) as the main accused in the Sangakpham blast, the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee has today highly condemned the Sangakpham bomb blast as a terrorist act and has termed it as a crime against humanity.

Condemning the Monday blast which had killed four civilians and injured seven others at Sangakpham Bazar, MPCC president Gaikhangam while conveying a press conference at the MPCC conference hall has termed the act as cowardly act and further condemned it in the highest terms and has also called upon all sections of the society to condemned it collectively.

He further stated that the incident will go down the history of Manipur as a major blow and has further appeal to all not to repeat such acts.

Speaking for his party, the MPCC president has called upon the government to find out the culprits and punish them according to the law of the land.

Meanwhile, answering to a query from a media person regarding the Chief Ministers’ announcement of NSCN (IM)’s involvement in the blast, he stated that the NSCN (IM) is involved in a peace talk with the central government, however the militant outfit has time and again broke the ground rules of the peace talks with the central government, and as such the party will pressure the centre to take up adequate actions against the erring militant group.

Gaikhangam further provided his condolence to the victims of the bomb blast.

Furthermore, when asked about party’s stance on the present economic blockade along the national highways passing through the state and the subsequent indefinite general strike called at Sadar Hills areas, he replied that people should try to find solutions to every demand in a peaceful manner after having talks with the concerned government.

Further, elaborating on the form of agitation taken up by the current agitators along the National Highways, he has appealed to all concerns to only take up democratic forms of agitations while pressurizing for their demands. He also added violent forms of agitation amounts to creating disturbances to the general public of the state. 

He further state, “Enough is enough, we should stop all kinds of violent agitations and should not create disturbances on the lifelines of the state”.

Furthermore, a team of MPCC led by the president himself today visited the victims of the Sangakpham bomb blast admitted at the RIMS and the Shija Hospital and provided monetary help to all the victims of the blast.

During his hospital visit the MPCC president also visited the victims of the violent incidents along the national highways during the economic blockade called by the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee.


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