Governor`s message on Patriots` Day


IMPHAL, August 11: The Governor of Manipur Gurbacharan Jagat has extended his best wishes to the people of Manipur on the auspicious occasion of Patriots’ Day.

According to a statement of the Governor, the heroic fathers of Manipur-Bir Tikendrajit, Thangal General, Niranjan Subedar, Kajao and Chirai Naga made the supreme sacrifice on the gallows for the cause of their motherland on August 13, 1891. It has further stated that the British invaded Manipur, taking advantage of the disunity and dissensions of Manipur in 1891 and annexed Manipur in the same year.

“Divided we fall, united we stand” is history’s lesson which is to be remembered always by the present and future generations. Cutting across the boundaries of caste, creed and religion and also rejecting all internal differences we should stand united to fight firmly against all challenges to the freedom and integrity of our nation, it added.

The governor has also conveyed his best wishes to all and wished the Patriots’ Day a grand success, it added.


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