Id-Ul-Fitr celebrated


CO of 28 Assam Rifles presenting gifts to the Muslims on the occasion of Id-Ul-Fitr at Lilong on Wednesday.
IMPHAL, Aug 31: The holy festival of the Muslims, Id-Ul-Fitr was today celebrated in different Muslim inhabited areas of the state with much pomp and gaiety.

The auspicious occasion of Id-Ul-Fitr started with the offering morning prayers at Mosques which was followed by Iftar parties where near and dear ones of Muslim people are invited to feast together to share the joyous moment to get the blessings from the Allah by fasting for one month during the Ramjan month.

Women, children and youths specially from Muslim community in the state were seen in cheering and festive moods on Id today.

Various civil society organizations and student bodies of Meitei Pangal have also celebrated the day by inviting different community leaders different parts of the state thereby propagating the message of communal harmony in the state.


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