IFMA India National Muaythai at Hyderabad Grand Success

HYDERABAD, Aug 13 (NEPS): The 11th IFMA India National Muaythai Championship 2011 held from August 5 – 7, 2011 at the historic City of Hyderabad has shown remarkable improvement in terms of the standard of Muaythai tournaments under Muaythai Federation of India (MFI) in India. Muaythai boxers from Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Orissa have improved a lot this time while boxers from Manipur, Nagaland and Assam have dominated in many divisions. From the Northern India side, Uttarakhand female boxers both in Junior and Senior Divisions won maximum Gold medals. They could altogether fetch 14 Gold medals emerging the only State in India getting maximum Gold Medals followed by Assam with 10 Gold medals. Around 300 Muaythai athletes from around the country participated in this Championship.
Boxers from Manipur and Karnataka had performed excellent Wai Kru that enthralled the large audience in the Amberpet Municipal Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.
Gold medalists in this Championship would represent India in the forthcoming mega IFMA World Championship 2011 to be held from September 20 – 27, 2011 at Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Appreciating the National Federation (MFI) for choosing Hyderabad to stage this prestigious 11th IFMA India National Muaythai Championship 2011, Amberpet MLA, who was Chief Guest at the Closing function, said he would look forward more Muaythai events in their city in future and assured his full support and cooperation.
11th IFMA India National Muaythai Championship 2011 at Amberpet Municipal Indoor Stadium, Hyderabard. Photo By : NEPS
President of Muaythai Federation of India (MFI) Oken Jeet Sandham thanked the Members of Amateur Muaythai Association of Andhra Pradesh, an MFI affiliated unit for successfully organizing the 11th IFMA India National Muaythai Championship 2011 at Hyderabad City of central India.
The MFI President also narrated the current position of Muaythai in the world under IFMA and in India as well. He said no any other organization in India was authorized to use “logos” of IFMA, WMC and FAMA except MFI which is the only National Muaythai Governing Body in India recognized by IFMA, WMC and FAMA. He also lauded IFMA leaders Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan and Stephan Fox for their selfless efforts in pushing Muaythai into various Games in the world, besides extending wonderful support and cooperation to leaders of National Federation (MFI) since day one. “Today, we are here because of our leaders like – Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan and Stephan Fox,” Oken Jeet Sandham said. “They stood through thick and thin for making our National Federation (MFI) one of the strongest Muaythai Members in the world.”
In his message, IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan, on behalf of IFMA, thanked the Muaythai Federation of India (MFI) and the City of Hyderabad for hosting “this magnificent event.” The event at Hyderabad, Dr Tapsuwan said, was surely the most positive Muaythai event in preparation for the forthcoming IFMA World Muaythai Championships 2011 to be held from September 20 – 27, 2011 at Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Wising all participants, athletes and everyone else who was affiliated with Muaythai the best of luck and a memorable experience in Hyderabad, IFMA President said, “Muaythai has become a truly world-renowned sport and people will witness how the completions are full of excitement, sportsmanship and see the tremendous amount of respect the fighters have each other.”
Also in his massage to the Championship, IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox said, “Muaythai has truly gained international recognition and has evolved from what used to be an exclusive hand to hand fighting style securing the freedom of Thailand into a worldwide recognition martial art, a member of SportAccord, included in many multi-sport games.”
Stating that sport of any kind had the power to unite all “cultures from all parts of the globe,” Stephan said Muaythai was a unique martial art filled with deep traditions and values which date back over a thousand years.
Extending his gratitude to the Muaythai Federation of India and the City of Hyderabad for hosting the qualification event to select Indian National Team for the upcoming IFMA World Championships in Tashkent, Fox said, “May the best athletes win, and see you in Tashkent.”
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