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BY:  Seram Neken

Where the mind is without fear and the head held high ………

Where security calmly address common people as SIRS and MADAMS

Where ministers and officers don’t bribe in appointments etc.

Where wealthy selfish people don’t buy voting rights of people with their easy-earned bucks

Where power hunger conmen don’t turn themselves as Social Worker

Where the sweating labourers get their due in dignity

Where people in their profession perform duties with sincerity and dedication

Where varied communities live together in peace with co-ordination

Where the lifeline highways are not often blocked for petty narrow demands

Where business men don’t take undue advantage of bandhs and blockades

Where people don’t feel shy of leading simple lives

Where people ride bicycles for health, clean environment and economic gains

Where garbage are not accommodated improperly at roadsides

Where bombs and grenades are not hurled at public places

Where armed groups don’t threaten people for money

Where textbooks are made available to students in time

Where teachers are paid their salaries commensurate with their works

Where contractors don’t connive with engineers and UGs for compromising actual works for money

Where poor women vendors are not excluded from market area

Where licensed guns are not misused by powerful people and their sons

Where MLAs and their escorts don’t harass innocent people

Where retaining walls do not fall down within a year of construction

Where people pay electric bills regularly

Where power is not off for 20 hours in 24 hours

Where UG groups are not fractioned in tens and tens for leadership

Where adolescents obey the elders

Where married men and women don’t indulge in Extra sexual relations

Where mobile phones and internet are not misused by young people

Into that place called “SANALEIBAK MANIPUR”

Into that place with real freedom, my Father, let my MANIPUR awake.




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