Interaction held with SHDDC leaders


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, Aug 16: A team of reporters from Churachandpur on Sunday last, paid a visit to Sadar Hills areas which has been engulfed by agitations demanding a full fledged Sadar Hills district since August 1 and interacted with various leaders of the area.

During the trip, to the agitation torn sub-division starting from Gampiphai village and passing through Sapermaina, Motbung, Keithelmanbi and till reaching Kangpokpi, the team witnessed various burnt vehicles of various types along the stretch, besides barrages and blockades created by the agitators and a war like zone with huge numbers of supporters alongside the road.

Undeterred with the cold response from the government, women supporters shouted slogans saying “We demand a full-fledged Sadar Hills”, as many others sat along the road.

During an interaction with some residents of the area, one Bahadur and his friend Madhav Khatiwada disclosed that the demand raised is not for only one community but for all the people residing in the area of Sadar Hills.

Another local, Tracy, a teacher by profession has said that the government appears to have taken the issue as that of a single community, however, the issue is for all communities living in the area. She further said that the state government has ignored the issue while asserting that other districts in the state have been formed without much effort.

Maintaining that it is painful as it seems that the government has taken the demand to be of a separate state, she has also added that it is not for a separate state.

However, the state government is ready to send forces to mow the protestors down she said and added that it is the duty of the father to treat their children decently but if their demands are not considered they will not give up till the last.

Binda of Kangpokpi asked the state government what is so bad if the government granted their 20 years old demand with Nemvah Miaso saying that their demands are in compliance with the government rules, they will fight on even to the extent of death so as to get their demands.


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