Is it wrong to be given a Meitei name?


By: Maisnam Chanu Liklainu

I am not a Meitei fanatic when I write this….I dont agree 75% with the so called Defenders of Meiteism….

But why people with Meitei names are viewed differently?

Why we Meiteis are obssessed with names that dont belong to us?

As long as your names are Ganga,Jamuna,Saraswati,Radhamohan,Krishnakumar….You are fine….This is the psyche of the Meiteis…..

If you have a Hindunised name…..You are exalted,elevated and annointed…..If you have a pristine Meitei name you are viewed differently….

As if we belong to the proscribed organisation….

As if we are the master-minds of the terrorist activities going on in our state……

Meitei guys with Meiteis names are the harassed lot…..

They are subjected to questioning and at the receiving end………



  1. Even though I am named as Bishorjit which I really don’t know the exact meaning, I would love people to be called Indigenous name. For instance, Meitei name for Meitei community which could proudly present our identity.
    I find we Meitei are one of the many ones that support and knows non-manipuri knowledges in terms of dresses, dialect, culture etc. We feel low when we try knowing our own culture and traditions. Which we should instead promote our own belongingness.


  2. i m very happy dat u raised such an issue…………and i m also fortunate to get an opputunity to comment on this matter………………….khangde karigino asumaina oirise..meitei maming se yamna fajabani……….and eikhoi pumnamaksu aase promote taugadabani…………i mean eikhoni naharon sing,..names like malemkhomba, ningtamba,……u wont get such names in other languange .considering the meanings…………i will always name meitei names …………..

  3. Proud to be born in Kangleipak.I have changed the attitude and thinking mindset  of few of my near and dears who again have shown acknowledgment by denouncing MAYANG NAME(Formally in news paper,thanks). Truly said its rising and dynamical in many ways.Mice will never will never play when the cat is around!

  4. Am all for Meitei names. My nieces have Matouleibi and Momonn as  their name. A cousin has Manglemba and the best… to top all is my uncle’s name: Waikhom Ootong Mangang because my grandma delivered him near an Ootong !! Lol… Whatever, it sounds great!! But on the contrary… one of my uncle is so obsessed with the Hinduised name that he christened his son as Waikhom Mukherjee Singh…. hahahah…. I asked my uncle where the name was. Mukherjee was his reply.. hahahah 

  5. The more and more Meiteis’ consciousness is aroused, the more and more tribals will feel insecure… because Meeteis consciousness will be packaged as Manipuri’s consciousness so the tribals will fear that they are going to be swallowed up. So either Meeteis maintain a more outward looking attitude and keeps Manipur’s identity and territory stable; or cultivate a more inward looking Meetei consciousness and so be prepared for Manipur’s disintegration. But if tribals protest and don’t want to be part of Manipur, because we sell Meetei’s culture as Manipuri’s culture and thus exclude the tribals, we should not protest or else we would be found to be foolish people. Just a thought.

  6. Thanks for bringing it to notice…I have been considering to get myself a Meitei name  for quite sometime now as I can’t relate to my non-meitei name at  all……My cousin has a got a very  beautiful meitei name–chingkheinganbi… meaningful!

    • Dear Koijam Ningol, I think that is too harsh a comment in the topic. I appreciate your universal outlook at least at naming, but is there any non Kangleicha (Manipuri) whose name is Tomba or whatever our name. There are lot of things to do with name. Mamata Banarjee is trying to change West Bengal to Banga/ Bangal. There is something in the name of Jerusalem in connection to Israel Palestine conflict.

    • If that’s what you are thinking you might as well name your kids as Skinny,Fatty,Stinky or give them code names like 001,002,003.Lol!

  7. There’s nothing like that in having a Meitei name.  we have nothing to do with other people’s mindset with our names. we should instead be proud that this is our identity and we must live up to it. Don’t worry, my friend, every single manipuri is awaken and they have started to adopt our ancestral meitei names. You are fortunate enough to have a b’tiful meitei name. Plz, plz, be strong from within and don’t get down by the  mere speculations of the so called incorrigible people who know nothing but to laugh and sneer at others . they are doing nothing but showing off their real selves.


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