It was just another bomb blast right?


By: Sanatombi Angomcha

It was just another bomb blast right?

Rupees 50,000 each for the injured victims and Rupees 1 lakh as ‘Asiman’ for those innocent victims of the recent Sangaakpham bomb blast who are no more with us. Many ‘lups’ will probably call for a Manipur bandh, many will organize protest rallies (holding festoons that would read something like ‘meehatpa puthok u’), the commandos will throng around each and every ‘leirak khulak’ of Imphal city, rubber bullets and tear gases will be kept ready, the worst that can ever happen is ‘curfew’ in and around Imphal sehar so that things are under control, Is it something new in Manipur? This has happened for all these years (this will further happen in the future). Great Going Kangleipaak! Hats off to our two-faced POTENT RULERS too (yes rulers).

Have you ever given a thought about the real problem with you, him or everyone in our state in such matters? The real problem with every single Manipuri is something very absurd. I am not sure if we are goddam aware about it or not but this is the real problem – a deep- rooted one. Until and unless we uproot this problem and thwart it away, we cannot really dream of a terror-free Manipur. Every single day we live with fear in our hearts. This fear somehow compels us to seek an escapade route and we run away like cowards. If running away is the solution, should every Manipuri not run out of Manipur and forsake the state forever? Not really right? Well, why don’t we invade what they infected in our hearts and minds for all these years? Why the heck should we fear them? If majority rules the roost in every state, why don’t people in our state give a thought about it and let the petty two-faced FELONS learn their lesson? I may sound like a boring social/political activist (that I am not). I don’t even have an iota of idea about the social or political norms prevailing in Manipur. All I know is that ‘we are infected with the disease of FEAR’. We live with fear every day and kill ourselves over and over again before the real death. We are sans any solution how to cure this FEAR. Another bomb would be fitted somewhere in Imphal, some more lives will be lost, some will get injured, more JACs will be formed, compensations (Asiman) will be provided to the victims of the families, the same old bandhs, protest rallies and the gimmicks of commandos will continue……. after all who cares?


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