Lang-Ngol Kumhei Langtai Chatkoi released


IMPHAL, Aug 21: The “Lang-Ngol Kumhei Langtai Chatkoi (a trilogy of dance) was released by Dr. R.K. Nimai Singh, commissioner, Art and Culture department at Panthou Eshaikonung, Wangkhei Hijam Leirak, today.

Speaking at the releasing function, R.K. Nimai stated that the people need to study more on various art forms of the state.

K.K. Chetry stated that the tourism department is working hard to bring more development in the art and culture of the state.

The Lei-Noi Chatkoi is about “life on earth is a boon of the Gods. Legend said that Ima Apanthoibi (Mother Goddess) descended from her Heavenly Abode to create life on earth. The Mangang, Luwang and Khuman Chuklen Chatkoi said the eternal legend of the God and the time immemorial antiquity of mankind recount the existence of a supreme owner-God. One sacred perspective, a ‘day’ is composed of air, fire and water. Human refer to them as Khuman, Mangang and Luwang respectively. The three are inseparable, it means without dark there cannot be light, a day begins with the darkness.

The Lairembi Khuntarol said that there was once a time when human lived in close proximity with God. Evidently, the supreme owner decided to take up the task of creating different life forms on earth. Thus, from his very immortal soul, evolved the seven sylphs (Goddesses), who have been sent down to mother earth to embark upon their divine mission of weaving the wonders of life-to sprout, nature and groom life on it.


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