Librarian robbed at gun point


IMPHAL Aug 29: A librarian of the State Central Library was robbed at gunpoint by an individual posing as a rebel.

The incident took place at the office of the librarian at about 11.30 am today at Keisampat Thoubal parking. The victim is identified as Elangbam Nandakishore, 56, a resident of Uripok Yambem Leikai. Sources said that the Nandakishore was in his office today when he was accosted by the culprit. The person identified himself as working for an insurgent group under one Dhananjoy, he had further told that librarian that an appeal was made to him one week earlier asking him to arrange a transport vehicle for some cadres, which the latter denied. So, the outfit leaders had issued orders that due to failure of arranging the said transport , two cadres were killed by security personnel and in the regard, Nandakishore was to be made available for questioning. The individual also produced a grenade and a handgun and by threatening, tied him up in his chair, bound and gagged him. Later, a gold chain, gold ring along with his mobile was confiscated by the person. The culprit then said that he was going outside to meet t
he scheduled transport, afterwards did not return. Suspecting foul play, Nandakishore managed to free himself and alerted his office. Police have registered a case in the regard.


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