LSDs and oxygen exempted from purview of UNC blockade


IMPHAL, Aug 24:  The United Naga Council (UNC) said it has exempted the transportation of medicines and other life saving drugs and also the carrying of oxygen with immediate effect from the purview of its indefinite bandh on humanitarian ground. The UNC, however said those transporters carrying these life saving drugs and oxygen should possess with them some sort of documents to prove their authenticity.

Meanwhile, the UNC has expressed its fury that the state government of Manipur would only use its force on the Naga protestors but decided to remain mute when “others” were resorting to even violent means of protest.

The United Naga Council pointed out that there have been several instances where force were used on the Naga protestors by the state government. “But the state government of Manipur chose to remain mute when there have been violent agitations on the National Highways resorted by the volunteers of the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee in the last 24 days,” rues the UNC today.

Driving home its point, the UNC alleged that many Naga protestors got injured yesterday in Chandel district when the Manipur police commandos tried to foil the protest rally. “As soon as we have just started our agitation the Manipur police started using their might against our peaceful protestors,” rues the UNC today. The UNC began its protest from August 21.

Meanwhile, it was reported that over 150 vehicles coming from Moreh town were turned back by the Chandel Naga People`s Organisation (CNPO) volunteers along the NH-39 in Chandel district on Wednesday.


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