Many loaded trucks stranded at Senapati


Loaded trucks stranded since July 31 in between Senapati Hq and Karong due to the economic blockade called by the SHDDC.
IMPHAL, Aug 18: About 370 loaded trucks have been stranded in between Mao and Senapati for more than two weeks due to the ongoing economic blockade called by the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee.

Speaking to media persons today near Council Colony in Senapati, one stranded driver named Bobby stated that the trucks have been stranded in Senapati since July 31. They are facing lots of problems due to ongoing economic blockade. They are now exhausted with money and other essential items. They have even started selling goods brought in their trucks to meet their daily needs.

The state government seems to take no notice of their problems. They are now in great trouble. The drivers stranded near Maram are facing even greater problem due to landslide. They have no other option even to take the alternative route of Jessami-Imphal Road, he said.

Bobby further appealed to the authorities concerned to make special arrangement to bring back the stranded trucks.

The stranded trucks carry goods of FCI, coal and other commodity items.


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